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Hey so here's the thing...

2015-02-18 12:06:09 by FatMermaid


Ah, so through SHEER dumb luck I posted a STUPID Pokemon parody that I don't take seriously and here it is on the front page. Holy hell. THANKS FOR THAT ONE, FULP. <3333

Really I made the Pikachu animation for two reasons and two reasons only:

  1. I just got a new Tablet Monitor and I wanted to see how quickly I could make a semi-decent animation while using this new fancy monitor. It improved my animation in addition to making the whole process quicker.
  2. Last year at Magfest during an animation panel, Stamper said that you could make a parody of Pikachu farting and it would get really popular overnight and I was like YEEEAHHHHRIIIGHTTTTT STAMPUR U CRAZZYYY I AINT NO SELLOUT.


I've been a NG member for a year, but I haven't posted any of my stuff. I've been using my ------>YOUTUBE ACCOUNT<------- this whole time, which as some of you know isn't "Animator Friendly"(TM) in the least.

In addition to animations, I do other things too, like script writing, voice acting (non professional), digital paintings and drawing and uhh writing music.

And...I guess....this is also a little something to say thank you to all who have liked and voted and followed me so far since this Christmas Miracle of Miracles has occured.

I decided to upload/submit my old Youtube stuff which isn't really that great. I'm spending every day trying to improve, get better, and I realize my content is really flaky and shallow but right now I'm focusing on putting all my love and GENIUS IDEAS (HO HO HO...ho...) in to a series that I am working on with my brother, Jan, who's music I will also be submitting through NG under my account (any music he writes will be labled as such).


So welcome to the ride and the pleasure is all mine.......


...There is no pleasure in knowing me......

.....Prepare to spend the rest of your lives uncomfortable....

.....and in constant fear for your safety....


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2015-02-20 08:31:27

welcome! parody stuff's really popular here/on the internet, so when i saw pikachu i'll admit, i groaned, but this blog kinda changed my mind a little. i can't wait to see what content, hopefully original, you produce in the future. your animation wasn't bad, either!

and hooray! another member in the club of writing, voicing, blah blah doing it all yourself!

also, what tablet monitor did you get? i want one but ... $$$

FatMermaid responds:


Thanks for everything!

I originally used a Wacom Bamboo, and it wasn't bad, at 70 dollars. I then saved up for a Huion, which cost me $500. I could have waited a few more months to save up for a Wacom Cintiq which is the best out there, but it's hella expensive and the Huion has been serving me very well.


2015-02-23 00:30:10

Sure, Pokemon parodies are rampant, but oh well, screw the naysaysers, especially if you're having fun and improving your craft as well.

I'll keep a look out for more of your stuff in the future.


2015-02-25 22:22:22

I liked your animation. Maybe go for something more original?

FatMermaid responds:

Thank you. I am working on my own projects, but things like the pikachu animation help me to get better technically.


2015-02-26 18:53:26

yeah i think the main problem is, pokemon parodies are oversaturated .people grew sick and tired of them. and alot of them got the same jokes. mainly 2 ones that are oversued, (1: ash being a huge dick and 2: pokemon being violent or disgustingly realistic) and unfortunately your video has both of them. hence all the negativity, but yeah
i hope it doesn't scare or disgust you away from this site because i liked the animation and i think you have great potential to get big here ^^

(Updated ) FatMermaid responds:

Thank you so much. I've been very discouraged, and I know I shouldn't be....but people telling me that I 'wasted my time'....I guess I take things personally, because I worked so hard during the pikachu animation....I didn't work on the content or the audio, I worked on getting every frame just how I wanted it. I worked on learning more things about the programs I used....I worked on getting used to my tablet monitor. These are the things that I worked on with it.

Believe me I KNOW the pikachu thing is over used. THAT is the very reason I went along with it. I wasn't trying to impress anyone. I think being 'late to the party' is a funny thing in and of itself.

When all is said in done, I do what I do because I want to make people happy....if only for just a minute I want people to smile and laugh because the world is shit enough as it is.

I am disheartened and saddened, but one thing I will not do is let it stop me from getting better. I just want people to KNOW that I'm not some idiot douche who didn't put any thought in to my animation because I want to get popular or something. I'm NOT. I want people to know that I care about them and I care about my audience and I want to make the world a little better with what I do, even if it's macabre and gross, I want to make people laugh at how terrible the world can be and how it's ok, and that I care and want to make it better.....


2015-03-06 03:08:13

Keep it up and don't let stupid people of the internet tell you what you can and can't animate.

Good way to see wether or not you should take a review seriously is to look at their profile and 9/10 times that puts it into perspective and makes the review seem totally irrelevant. Not prepared to write what those things are on a public wall but I'd be happy to LuL about them in private.

But say if you get a good review from a member who signed up years ago but a bad review from signed up within a month ago (in some cases I've seen shitty reviews dished out by accounts 1 day old) then that should definitely be something to take from.

Also just a whinge here about people complaining about how short animations are (as I saw in reviews about your Pokemon flash).
What is wrong with animated shorts!? Especially from animators who work solo and to pull off something of length and maintain high quality would take months. If they want something that's of marathon length, flick on a Rick & Morty DVD.

All the best.


2015-03-06 13:24:17

This appeal was a waste of time.


2015-03-13 14:15:02

sorry about the bad review. i looked at your other crap and i thought is was alright it so i would like to apologies for that bit of blast i left you down there if it really matters to you. it was unfair to blast at you without even seeing your other stuff so there.

(Updated ) FatMermaid responds:

Thank you. Of course it matters! You all matter to me.


2015-03-15 04:37:07

So I decided to read some of the comments and honestly I think there is some miscommunication on both sides. So while I am no master of animation I have gotten a degree in it and as a fellow content provider let me try to critique your animation in as a constructional manner as I can.

To start, I think most of the negative comments are not derived from your animation, the style is there. What I think the biggest "failure" was the pacing. I ended up feeling incredibly uncomfortable with the situation.
Having a fun stupid argument between ash and pikachu turn into something as horrifying as a PETA commercial without the uplifting coral music, then abruptly changed to a happy-go-lucky tune just confused me.

I'm not saying that the imagery of seeing pikachu scrunched in a hellhole of a pokeball doesn't work, things like that happen in other animations, but the amount of time spend on that scene was too long, and ended up distracting your audience in a very negative way.

If you did it again, you shortened the pokeball scene to about half a second, or even more, added another scene where pikachu was re-summoned or something else to lighten the mood before the credits, I feel you would get a completely different reaction then what you have been getting now.


2015-03-16 05:58:49

Cool animation. It has became an instant classic for me and was fav'ed instantly. :)
"Get in the ball?" "Psssh, no way!" "Pikachu???" "Fuck off!" Fav'd instantly on them lines alone ^_^


2015-03-17 18:38:40

I am in the middle of a parody animation that I am collabing with my brother. And it's going to be my first time attempting to animate, so I am a little nervous about it after reading your post and the negative remarks you had to deal with. Usually I just voice or help with clean up, coloring etc... For what it's worth for being self taught your animation was way Palace!<=(it's going to be my new way of saying cool) Hope to see another animation from you.


2015-03-19 01:41:31

Dude! Dont be upset about a couple of comments people write. As a fellow animator, honestly, the animation is good. You dont need to explain yourself to them. Most people come to Newgrounds to be entertained by watching videos, and have no idea that there is a whole community for us animators to collaborate, and learn etc.
Some people probably dont understand that most of us are still learning (even if we're not?). Dont listen to any abuse and when you get it, just ignore it. I havent read any of the other reviews on this video but really, people hate even on the best animators.
As for the submission itself, the animation was actually really good quality, so you shouldn't get upset about the nasty comments at all. I dont understand why you got any hate at all anyway O_o